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Life of Fatima Hatun

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Fatima Hatun- Daughter of Osman Bey

Every family is kept happy by the youngest son or daughter of that family, that is the reason to smile on everyone’s face. The youngest children of the Enki family are the most loved, today we will know about Fatima Hatun, the youngest child of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman Ghazi.

1/ Birth and childhood of Fatima Hatun

Fatema Hatun was born from Osman Ghazi’s second wife, Malhun Hatun. Historically, the date of birth of Fatima Hatun is not written, but research shows that Alauddin Pasha, the second son of Osman Gazi, was born 5/6 years after 1290/92, then Fatima Hatun was born in 1295/97 AD. His childhood was spent within the palace’s precincts. 

He was very mischievous as a child and even after growing up many of his mischievous deeds did not go away. Sometimes he ran away and went outside the palace. Everyone was frantically looking for him. Even as a child, he once left the palace without telling anyone and fell into the hands of enemies, after which he was rescued after many efforts.

2/ How was she with parents?

Both Usman Ghazi and Malhun Hatun loved Fatema Hatun more than their sons. Even Bala Hatun, the first wife of Osman Ghazi, loved him very much. He loved her like his own daughter. And he loved his father more. Whenever Osman Ghazi came to the palace on some work, he would bring home cooked food for his father.

And Osman Ghazi had to eat it compulsorily. And Osman Ghazi used to support him even in family mischief. It was a reflection of Osmam Ghazi’s love for Fatima Hatoon. And he also respected his mother very much. He respected not only his own mother but also Osman Gazi’s first wife Bala Hatun as a mother. Always by their side, helping them both in any task.

3/ How was She with the brothers?

Fatema Hatun had a special attraction towards brothers, although Fatema Hatun had one of her own brothers, she considered her half-brother Bala Hatun’s son Alauddin Bey as her own brother. It was because of his love for his brothers that he tried to make them angry by talking about his brothers.

And they also loved him very much and they also angered him in different ways. He also comforted his brothers in times of danger and was there for them. Once Orhan Ghazi fell to the Mongols, he insisted on taking him into battle to save his brother. Finally he had to be forced to take him. And he shows great bravery in battle.

4/ Personal qualities of Fatima Hatun

Fatema Hatun was a very lively and soft-spoken girl. And the mouth was very thin because nothing could stay long in his stomach. At any place, a bomb of words would suddenly explode. She was a soft hearted woman. He could not bear any suffering. Mixed with everyone and spoke beautifully. There was no jealousy in his mind. He considered Osman Gazi’s first wife Bala Hatun as his own mother. He considered both as one.

Fatema Hatun was an expert in archery. He could shoot arrows at the right target from a distance. It was his special quality. He was also experienced in swordsmanship. He used to fight like a hero. Once the Mughals attacked their city, Osman Ghazi was out on some errands. There was no male in their family in the city.

Fatema Hatun along with her two mothers fought like warriors and defeated the Mongol army. They did not get any chance to enter the palace. Fatema Hatun fought very bravely in that battle and was injured in the hand. When Osman Ghazi came back and saw his daughter’s injuries he could not bear it anymore. He immediately retaliated this attack from that Martian commander. The commander’s head was cut off.

5/ Vices of Fatima Hatun:

As a child, Fatema Hatun used to hide in different places and Osman Gazi had to find her, she used to go to the majlis of different elders and make everyone laugh by talking, she used to sneak out of the palace. Later everyone had to search for him. He used to do many other kinds of mischief.

After growing up, he would follow the brothers, guard them to see if any brother was in love with someone, and come and tell the mother that so-and-so was in love with so-and-so. He used to tell his brother about his mother’s reaction to love. All in all he was a moving word blaster, just blasting words.Sometimes they could not think whose side he was on, mother’s side or brother’s side. You can also visit

6/ Death of Fatema Hatun:

Nothing is known about the death of Fatema Hatun in history Nor is it known how many years he lived.

Writer Jayed Hasan

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