Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 15 in English

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Watch Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 15 in English

The concluding chapter of Salahuddin Ayyubi’s saga unfolded with gripping intensity. Amir Saladin employed various strategies to elude the clutches of the cunning Jew, Abraham. In a crucial moment, Saladin discovered an escape route and emerged with his companions.

However, Abraham, anticipating their move, had positioned his army outside, surrounding Saladin upon his exit. As Abraham aimed a fatal arrow, Saladin and his associates, clad in armor, shielded themselves from harm. Despite being brought to the ground, Saladin’s preparedness thwarted the deadly attack.

As Abraham and his forces closed in, ready to deliver a fatal blow, Saladin and his comrades swiftly rose, counterattacking and eliminating their adversaries. With their foes vanquished, Amir Saladin and his companions safely departed the scene.

Furious over the defeat, Abraham faced Queen Victoria’s inquiries about Saladin’s whereabouts. It was revealed that Saladin had slipped away, causing both disappointment and frustration. Queen Victoria questioned Abraham on the failure to attack Saladin’s settlement. Gregor explained that Melik Maudud had proposed a peace treaty, prompting their return. However, Sultan Nuruddin rejected the settlement proposal, taking new measures to meet Ismat Khatun.

In an attempt to keep the settlement at bay, Gregor and Abraham presented a proposal to Sultan Nuruddin, but Amir Saladin, entering the room, vehemently opposed it, exposing Abraham’s true identity. Sultan Nuruddin, refusing to listen, sent them away without signing the proposal.

Back at his settlement, Amir Saladin defended against Kursi attacks. Upon his release, Saladin uncovered a conspiracy involving a group of Jewish scholars taking the lost ark to a secret temple for a meeting. Assisted by Sufia, Amir Saladin infiltrated the temple, eliminating the scholars and capturing Abraham with the ark.

Amidst various tricks and traps, Abraham sought to escape Saladin’s grasp. Empowered by unseen forces, Saladin, along with his troops, embarked on a mission to rescue Sindhuk, intensifying hostilities with the Karategins. As the Karategin Emir exited Saladin’s settlement, Queen Victoria seized the opportunity to launch an attack, aiming to dishonor her and exact revenge.

The unfolding trailer hinted at an impending massive Crusader attack, setting the stage for an intriguing and thrilling next episode in Amir Saladin’s pursuit of Muslim victory.

Watch Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 15 in English


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