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Kurulus Osman Episode 147 in English Review

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Kurulus Osman Episode 147 Review in English

The upcoming episode of Kurulus Osman promises to be a riveting and captivating installment, as indicated by the intriguing details revealed in the trailer. The narrative unfolds with the introduction of the Mongol commander, Tajuddin Nayan, and the unfolding treachery orchestrated by Tekfur. Notable events include the demise of Holofera’s aunt, Tekfur’s downfall, Malhun Hatun’s departure for Hajj, and the unexpected surrender of Yaqub Bey, who returns to his settlement.

The arrival of Tajuddin Nayan is set to transpire after Osman Bey successfully eliminates the Mongol commander Gorklu Khan. Osman Bey strategically devised a plan to quell the Mongol forces, responding to Gorkalu Khan’s overstepping of boundaries by attacking Osman Ber Basati Inesihar and the surrounding settlements. The death of Gorklu Khan prompts a shift in allegiance from Bera Yaqub of Basati towards Osman Bey.

With the support of various Beras, Osman Bey unveils his ambitious plans to conquer new territories and eradicate Mongol influence from Turkish lands. Despite the challenges posed by the Yaqub Ber conspiracy, Osman Bey aims to annex additional provinces under his independent Beylik. Currently, there are 6/7 small Turkish settlements behind Osman Bey, although their numbers in terms of Alps and horses are limited. Osman Bey incentivizes economic cooperation by providing gold coins to these settlements.

The narrative takes a dramatic turn with the introduction of Tajuddin Nayan, a Mongol commander engaged in historical battles against Osman. Meanwhile, the Tekfurs betray Osman Ber, leading to the capture of Tekfur of Kate’s fort, who is later killed by Holofera Hatun’s aunt. This event complicates the situation, setting the stage for a full-scale Byzantine war with Osman Ber.

The trailer hints at Malhoon Hatun’s dream of embarking on Hajj, which will likely unfold in the upcoming episode or subsequent ones. Due to the actress’s physical illness, the character is granted permission by Osman Bey to leave for Hajj.

The relationship between Osman Bey and Yaqub Bey becomes strained, as Yaqub Bey attempts to influence the market in Ineshihar. Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun collaborate to thwart this move, rallying traders to resist the shift to border markets. Despite some traders venturing to the border markets, Bala Hatun successfully intercepts and purchases their goods, deterring them from proceeding further.

Holofia Hatun, caught in a whirlwind of love for Orhan Bey, escapes the fort to be closer to him. Orhan Bey’s sudden entry into the castle triggers tension, with Holofera’s aunt initially ordering his detention. However, Orhan Bey convinces them that he is on a mission to find the princess, earning their trust. A confrontation ensues between Osman Bey and Mongol forces, resulting in the beheading of Gorktu Khan and Osman Bey’s triumphant return to the village.

The narrative takes another twist as Orhan Bey and Holofia face challenges, including a special mission for Karajalasun and an encounter with the Mongol commander seeking Sultan Yaqub’s fiancĂ©e. With the assistance of Bala Hatun, Orhan Bey and his companions return to Ineishihara, only to find the village under attack by Mongol forces, creating a harrowing atmosphere. you can visit

In a separate storyline, Mehmed Bey’s anger escalates upon discovering the details of Alauddin Bey and Gonza Hatun’s love affair. A confrontation ensues, involving a knife thrown by Alauddin Bey and a surprising intervention by Gonza Hatun, leading to a heated exchange between Mehmed Bey and Alauddin Bey on various issues. Watch more

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