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Kurulus Osman Episode 148 in English

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Kurulus Osman Episode 148 Review in English

As much as the Kurulus Osman series has been criticized in the last few episodes, Episode 148 is coming to answer all the criticisms. Before the end of the declaration of the state of Osman Bey, the arrival of new terrible forces, how would Osman Bey deal with these forces alone? The situation shows the Ottoman Empire to some extent. The structure was not so easy; today, we will try to analyze the second trailer of Kurulus Usman Volume 148, InshaAllah,

Finally, Tajuddin Nayan’s appearance is revealed; he is coming against Osman Bey with the enormous Mars army; how can he resist Osman Bey? Rauna is Malhun Hatun for Hajj, but will the captive Hatun shown by Tajuddin Nayan in the first trailer be Malhun Hatun?

Kurulus Osman Episode 148 Review in English

Osman Bey will free Elsin Hatun’s father to threaten Tajuddin Nayan, and finally, the arrival of the terrible Byzantine executioner Imran Tegin; how will Osman Bey deal with the two enemies on both sides? Karajalasun who came to save Tajuddin Nayan is hard Hunkar Osman Bey, will kill Karajalasun Ke Osman Bay?

At the beginning of the trailer, Osman Bey says that Olzaytu Khan is preparing for war and that the treaty or unity of the Martians with the Byzantines will continue, so it is understood that the union that was supposed to be between the Martians and the Byzantine emperor through the marriage of Maria is re-established.

In the end, Tajuddin Nayan wants to marry Princess Maria, but Osman Bey Bala Hatun has already managed to convince Princess Maria that she is only being used by the emperor in this marriage, and Princess Maria also says that she does not consent to this marriage, that she is being forced into marriage.

At the end of the last episode, Tajuddin Nayan trapped Usman Bey, and Tajuddin Nayan will release Osman Bey on the condition that Maria be released, but Osman Bey understands that his interest in getting Maria is to keep their unity; that’s why Osman Bey tells Byzantine and Mangals in the trailer. The attempt to unite continues, but I won’t let that happen; then the trailer shows Tajuddin Nayan coming with a vast army,

Kayifamily TV Kurulus Osman Episode 148 Review in English

This will be the most considerable Mars force shown in the Kurulus Osman series; Tajuddin Nayan will probably come to the Yakub Ber border market, talk to Mehmed Ber, and plan against Osman Bey. Osman Bey says in the trailer that Tajuddin Nayan has kept his iron fist secret, so we will also keep it secret; that is, Tajuddin Nayan is secretly trying to solve the problem of Osman Bey by taking many Turkish settlements on his side.

That is why Usman Bey says we will secretly implement his plan on him, and Tajuddin Nayan will continue to try not to kill Usman Bey but to obey him. Still, Osman Bey did not follow him in any way because the Ottoman Empire had been declared. However, Yakub Bey’s son Mehmed would probably accept Tajuddin Nayan’s allegiance and betray Osman Bey, as Yakub Bey had done with Amir Gorkulo Khan.

Kayifamily TV Kurulus Osman Episode 148 Review in English

Now let’s talk about Malhun Hatun; in the trailer, we see Malhun Hatun leaving for Hajj, Osman Bey seeing him off, and Malhun Hatun wearing a blue dress; in the first trailer, we see a blue-clothed Hatun from a caravan of Tajuddin Nayan’s army. Captured, and they say they abducted Osman Ber’s wife, the same dress, so will Malhun Hatun be captured by Tajuddin Nayan?

First, Malhun Hatun cannot be captured because he is being sent to Haj Pathan to separate him from the series, so now the question is, which Hatun is captured in the same clothes? We said in the last trailer that it would be a trap for Usman Ber; in the beginning, we noted that Osman Bey would set a trap on Tajuddin Nayan’s trap, and Tajuddin Nayan would want to capture Malhun Hatun on his way to Hajj to get Usman Bey to obey him.

KayifamilyTV Kurulus Osman Episode 148 in English

But Usman Bey will get this news before; maybe you are wondering how to get the news. Osman Bey: at the end of the last episode, we saw Osman Bey very cleverly send Alp to Jerkuta as a spy for Germanians. Osman Bey knows that Tajuddin Nayan will make a deal with Mehmed in the German market; that’s why he is in Jerkuta.

Osman Bey set Alp; most likely, Alp would inform Osman Bey at Jerkuta, and Osman Bey would send Malhun Hatun on a different route to Hajj and set a trap for Tajuddin Nayan with another Hatun, or even if it was Malhun, Osman Ber would stay behind him and rescue him. As Tajuddin Nayan goes to Germany, the border market, it will be easier to send Alp’s news to Jerkuta.

Kayifamily Kurulus Osman Episode 148 English Subtitles

In the next scene of the trailer, Usman Bey attacks the massive Martian forces to free Elchin Hatun’s father, Gunduz Bey and his relative Aisha Hatun; Karajalasun captures Osman Bey, he had earlier lured Osman Bey into Tajuddin Nayan’s trap with false information, now Osman Bey Torture him and get the correct information, and find out where Elsin Hatun’s family is kept, according to information given by Karajalasun attack Osman Bey and free Gunduz Bey and Aisha Hatun.

At the end of the trailer, we see Gunduj Bey and Ayesha Hatun at large in Yeniseh Fort. These two characters will be significant in the Kurulus Osman series and will be revealed very well in the upcoming Gunduj Bey and Ayesha Hatun Tajuddin Nayan episodes. Knowing many essential and secret information will give all this information to Osman Bey, and Usman Bey will find the weaknesses of Tajuddin Nayan and resist him.

Then we see in the trailer who is a terrible warrior. Tajuddin Nayan tells him that you are the Byzantine executioner Imran Tegin, so it is clear that this is the Byzantine executioner and his forces with whom Tajuddin Nayan will unite; the trailer shows the Byzantine executioner fighting he is Tajuddin Nayan. Fight with the army itself to show its strength; we discussed in the last video how terrible this Byzantine executioner army is,

The barbaric Byzantine executioner forces are so terrible that they don’t even obey their emperor; they sometimes fight against the emperor, but this time, together with the emperor and united with Tajuddin Nayan, they will come to fight against Usman Ber, so Osman has to face the terrible situation. Beke, this Byzantine executioner force, originally a band of robbers in India, were recruited into the Eastern Roman Empire at the beginning of the 6th century after the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century. These included the Byzantine executioners.

Kayifamily Kurulus Osman Episode 148 English Subtitles

Now I will discuss the killing of Karajalasun; at the end of the trailer it is seen that Tajuddin Nayan has come to Yeniseh fort to take back Karajalasun, but in front of him Usman Bey is saying, this is my gift, so whether Karajalasun will die here or you will die, I will make his decision, maybe Tajuddin Nayan Threaten Osman Bey that if anything happens to Karajalasun, your wife Malhun Hatun will die.

But Tajuddin Nayan does not know that he is not the real Malhun Hatun; reliable sources say Tajuddin will kill Osman Bey Karajalasun in front of Nayan because several Turkish news say that the actor who played the role of Karajalasun, Kurulus Usman, has already left the shooting spot, so Karajalasun’s farewell in the next episode. Uthman Bey will create a problematic situation by killing his army, Karajalasun, in front of the powerful Tajuddin Nayan.

So Usman Bey wants to convince him with everything he has not declared the state to obey; in the next episode, i.e. volume 148, Tajuddin Nayan will be humiliated quite well, firstly by rescuing Gunduz Bey and Aisha Hatun from him, secondly by killing Karajalasun in front of him. , but in the next episode, a problematic danger is waiting for Osman to come out. More

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