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History of Bamsi Beyrek

History of Bamsi Beyrek

Who is Bamsi Beyrek?

Introduction: If you’re a fan of the Ertugrul Ghazi series, you’re likely familiar with the actor who brought the character Bamsi to life on screen. However, what if you were told that this beloved character might not be rooted in reality, or that the historical timeline portrayed in the series did not align with actual events? In today’s discussion, we will delve into these intriguing possibilities, focusing on unraveling the authenticity of the character known as Bamsi Bey, or Babur, as depicted in Ertugrul Ghazi. Join us as we navigate the delicate balance between historical accuracy and the captivating narrative crafted for our entertainment. History of Bamsi Beyrek

How can people know about Bamsi Beyrek? People became aware of this individual, prompting questions about his existence during the Ottoman Empire, fighting alongside Ertugrul Ghazi. In reality, he was known as Bamsi. Despite uncertainties about historical accuracy, one certainty remains – an individual named Bamsi did exist. However, it’s crucial to note that while his existence is confirmed, the narrative in Ertugrul Ghazi may embellish his interactions with Ertugrul Ghazi or Osman Ghazi, Ertugrul Ghazi’s son. Such encounters might be fabrications, presented to create a captivating depiction of a valiant individual.

Discussion about Bamsi Bey from Dirilis Ertugrul Series:

Birth and Childhood of Bamsi Beyrek: Bamsi Beyrek was not named at birth, and his father was the head of a settlement. His heroic journey began when, in childhood, he fought off bandits attacking their settlement, wielding two swords. Witnessing this, a caravan leader informed his father, who then named him Bamsi. Following his father’s death, Bamsi joined Anatolia, driven to fight against the infidels. He became an active member of “Tanjim Al Ukhwah,” an organization formed by Arturul Ghazi, earning trust and friendship with Arturul. You can also visit

Campaigns and Conquests: Bamsi participated in numerous battles alongside Arturul Ghazi, aiding Ertugrul Ghazi in times of need. They conquered forts, including Karacahisar, Kulujahisar, and several taverns. Osman Ghazi, Ertugrul Ghazi’s son, later granted Bamsi a jagir in Biljik.

Married Life: Despite initial assumptions that Bamsi might never marry, fate intervened. Ertugrul Gazi entrusted him with guarding a hillbilly area, leading to a love story with a Christian girl named Helena. She converted to Islam, becoming Hafsa Khatun. They had a daughter and a son, Aybars, who later became a friend of Osman Gazi.

Personality Assessment: Bamsi Beyrek was a simple and loyal man, earning the nickname “mountain bear” for his bravery in battle. His married life, however, was marked by sadness, with his family members passing away during his lifetime.

Death of Bamsi Beyrek: Living for many years, Bamsi died fighting the Mongols in 1315, at the age of 128. His last adopted son, Cherkutai Alp, inherited his famous swords.

Tomb of Bamsi Beyrek: Initially, Bamsi’s grave had only a simple marker. However, public awareness surged after his portrayal in Ertugrul Ghazi, leading the Turkish government to transform it into a proper tomb. Today, pilgrims visit the tomb, seeking blessings through his connection with Allah.

Historical Accuracy Clarification: It’s crucial to emphasize that the series’ portrayal of Bamsi deviates from historical accuracy. Timelines do not align, and associations with figures like Babar predate the era of Ertugrul Ghazi. Nevertheless, the existence of a courageous individual named Bamsi, known for his dual-sword fighting style and Haduri, remains partially true, as depicted in the series.

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