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Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 1 in English

Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 1 with English Subtitles

I hope everyone is well. Finally, the much-awaited Fatih Sultan Mehmed series of Trt 1 is coming; the first volume of the Fatih Sultan Mehmed series will be aired on February 27; the interest in watching the series about this great hero of history has been long since he was an exception to the Ottoman Empire. A sultan, he was the only ruler who, at the age of 21, fulfilled the prophecies of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Thousands of Turkish series lovers are waiting to watch this series; the poster of the series has already been released; in today’s video, we will discuss who will play which role in this series and the things you need to know before watching this series, Inshallah, so watch the video till the end. stay

At the beginning, I will discuss who will play the significant Fateh Sultan Mehmed role in this great series. Turkish young actor Sarkan Chayelo will play Fatih Sultan Mehmed. Many people are disappointed to see a young actor in such a significant role, many people are commenting, but when the series starts, you also have to be impressed by this actor’s performance because even though he is young, this actor is experienced in history. Although he conquered Constantinople when he was only 21, the actor was a good choice for the role in terms of age and appearance. Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 1 with English Subtitles

In addition, Salim Bayraktar, Fikret Kushkan, Tuba Insal, Sinan Albayrak and many other experienced actors will act in this series.

Before you start watching the series, you should know this much about Fatih Sultan Mehmed; then you will understand where the series is going in history, or playing with history; this series will mainly show the story of the 14th century and Fatih Sultan Mehmed was the 7th of the great Ottoman Empire. Sultan was Sultan for a short period from August 1444 to September 1446.

Then, in February 1451, he sat again in Masnad. In the second phase, he was in power until May 1481. On May 29, 1453, Sultan Muhammad Fatih defeated the Byzantine Empire, one of the most powerful. He captured Constantinople, one of the most critical events in the history of humanity. At just 21 years of age, Muhammad, a teenager, fulfilled the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Prophet (peace be upon him) said You and the Muslims will surely conquer Constantinople. How good the ruler! How good the army will be!

Before this, the Ottomans tried to conquer Constantinople about twenty-three times but had yet to succeed. At the age of only 21 years, this great Sultan of Turkey entered the city of Constantinople as a winner and then gave a message of a new day to the world with a Friday sermon in Hagia Sophia. ‘Fatih’ or ‘conqueror’ is added to the name. Through indomitable spirit, confidence and perfect planning, he has done what his forefathers could not.

But how did this impossible? I hope that every moment of him will be shown in this series: How to stand on the edge of the ditch and turn around, how to make a plan and snatch the victory sign, break through the impenetrable walls of the city of Constantinople, every step of the glorious chapter of the victory of Istanbul.

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