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Kurulus Osman episode 150 with English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman episode 150 with English Subtitles

The upcoming episode of Kurulus Osman Season 5 promises the most significant battle yet. Emperor Andrenikos and the Byzantine executioner Imran Tegin have joined forces, assembling a formidable army. All Tekfurs and their subordinates are gathered in one location for the impending conflict.

This marks the first Byzantine attack on the Ottoman Empire, with Osman Bey facing Byzantine knights for the first time since the establishment of his empire. The lead-up to this war saw various events unfold, including Elchim Hatun’s marriage proposal to Orhan Ber, which met with disagreement from both Elchim Hatun and Orhan Bey.

Despite the discord, Osman Bey instructs Orhan Bey to marry for the sake of the state, causing concern for Malhun Hatun. Meanwhile, Holofia Hatun harbors feelings for Orhan Ber and takes drastic steps to be closer to him. A tense moment arises when Orhan Bey is discovered in the castle, but he manages to convince everyone that he is there to find the princess.

Kurulus Osman episode 150 with English Subtitles

The episode sets the stage for the war initiated by executioner Imran Tegin, who killed Bynder Bey. Osman Bey swiftly vows to avenge Bynder Bey’s death and the losses of other Alps. A new plan is devised after consulting with Osman Bey’s entire family.

The waters are further muddied by the marriage proposal of Malhun Hatun’s son, Orhan Ber. His affection for Holofia causes a stir, especially since there is a proposal to marry him to Elchim Hatun. The next episode will unveil the resolution to this romantic entanglement.

Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun collaborate with Osman Ber to maintain security in Ine┼čehir and Sogu. However, tensions arise as Osman Ber refuses to pay taxes to Osman Bey, leading to a conflict with Holofera Hatun’s aunt. The relationship between Holofera Hatun and her aunt deteriorates due to Roman executioners enforcing Osman Bey’s orders.

Kurulus Osman episode 150 with English Subtitles

Osman Bey takes a bold step by bringing the Byzantine princess to Ine┼čihar Palace for safety. Bala Hatun manages the arrangements and seeks to extract secrets from the princess for Osman’s benefit.

Osman Ber’s plan involves conquering new territories, countering Yaqub Ber’s conspiracy, and expanding his independent Beylik. Despite having several small Turkish settlements behind him, Osman Bey faces challenges, and his interactions with the Byzantines in the upcoming episode will determine the course of events.

Alauddin Bey Gonja’s efforts to ensure Hatun’s well-being lead to a revelation about Gonja Hatun’s presence in Ineshihara Palace. Osman and Bala Hatun react strongly, ordering Gonja Hatun to return to his village promptly. Bala Hatun is distressed by Alauddin Ber’s behavior, with Ulgen Hatun aiding him. The challenges ahead for Osman Ber intensify, and how he navigates them against the Byzantines will unfold in the next episode. more

Kurulus Osman episode 150 with English Subtitles

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