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Kurulus Osman Episode 131

Kurulus Osman Episode 131 With English Subtitles

After all the speculations, the much desired trailer of season 5 has been revealed But has this trailer managed to win the hearts of Kurulus Osman series lovers? After so many months of waiting, has such a trailer been able to attract attention to the series? As mysterious and interesting as the first trailers of the last 4 seasons were, are the trailers for the 5th season even close to it?

Kurulus Osman series lovers are divided into two groups, for some, the trailer is enough, while for others, such a trailer did not win hearts, in today’s video, how was the first trailer of Kurulus Osman season 5, and will try to introduce each character shown in the trailer, and that I will try to analyze the entire trailer briefly, inshallah.

Kurulus Osman Episode 131 With English Subtitles

First of all I will discuss Osman Ber look in Season 5, which is the most critical, we saw in Dirilis Artugurul series, Artugrul Gazi appeared in front of the audience in 5 different looks in 5 seasons, and this is what attracted the audience the most, but Kurulus Osman 5th in the series. There is no change in Usman Ber’s look even in the season, where Orhan and Alauddin Bey were shown bigger in season 5, there is no change in Usman Ber’s appearance.

Also no change was noticed in the appearance of the other Alps shown beside Osman Bey, the matter is really visible, disturbing!! It’s just getting boring to see the same look for the last three seasons, hair plus beard could have been an outstanding entry, but it’s not right to check the good or bad just by watching a trailer, let’s see a few episodes, whether the director has managed to make any difference in the story.

Kurulus Osman Episode 131 With English Subtitles

Now let’s review the trailer, and get to know each character, the beginning of the trailer of season 5 shows Malhun Hatun and Osman Bey planning to conquer Bursa, it is understood that Malhun Hatun will be well fleshed out in this season, Bala in the previous seasons.

Although Hatun was highlighted, historically Malhun Hatun’s contribution to the Ottoman Empire was immense, so it was important to show his dominance in this season, but in the plan to conquer Bursa, they need to conquer two more forts first, because Malhun Hatun says that if Kite and Atranos fortresses fall, Bursa will be conquered. It is possible, and it is clear in Osman Bey’s words that the main goal of Osman Bey now is to conquer Bursa In the next scene, Osman Bey’s worthy son Orhan Bey is ensnaring the new Shakra, this season Orhan Bey will be exposed the most.

Kurulus Osman Episode 131 With English Subtitles

However, it is clear in the trailer, another new village will also act as a big influence for Osman Ber in this season, perhaps they will be a village near the Seljuk Empire. In the next scene of the trailer, Bala Hatun can be seen, her crying and dreams indicate that Bala Hatun’s daughter Halima will die. more

There must be some mystery behind such a scene early in the season The next scene in the trailer shows another son of Osman Ber, Alauddin Bey, who goes to meet the Sultan of the Seljuk Empire, but he is accompanied by a mysterious woman, but it is not clear whether she is a spy from Shakra’s side,

Kurulus Osman Episode 131 With English Subtitles

but Alauddin Ber Hatun in the future. can Later scenes feature a new actor as Dursun Faqi, and finally Osman Bey at the foundation and governing council of the Ottoman Empire. So the 5th season of everyone’s desired series has arrived. Everyone in the new look. And the arrival of new enemies with new actors starring Orhan, Alauddin Ber. All in all, a busy and exciting season is coming from Wednesday, October 4. thank you

Episode 131 is coming on 4 October 2023

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