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Learn about the real history of Cerkutay

Real history of Cerkutay

The very mention of Mongal evokes a shiver. It’s a name stained with blood, a force that left destruction in its wake, sparing noneā€”men, women, old, or children. Yet, remarkably, within a few days, the seeds of Islam took root among them, and even great Mongol commanders like Cherkutai embraced Islam, dedicating their lives to the faith.

Birth and Childhood of Cerkutay:

Cherkutai Alp’s birthplace remains unknown, though he hailed from a Mongol settlement. Orphaned at a young age, he diverged from the typical fate of fatherless boys trained for battle. Instead, he underwent rigorous combat training, devoid of the warmth of parental love, shaping him into a fierce warrior.

Cerkutay as the Duties of Commander:

Recognizing Cherkutai’s valor, Mongol commander Gayhatu enlisted him in his formidable army. Cherkutai’s ferocity earned him a promotion to commander, leading him to Balgai for various battles.

Attack on the Turks:

In pursuit of an independent beylik, Usman Ghazi clashed with Mongol forces, drawing Balgai to the Turkish land. The ruthless attack spared no one, and Cherkutai commanded the unit responsible.

Conversion of Cherkutai to Islam:

Amidst the chaos, Cherkutai found himself alone after Balgai’s defeat. Unable to return to Geihatu, he struck a deal with Osman Ghazi, offering his assistance in exchange for a gold coin. As he interacted with Muslims, his fascination with their customs grew, eventually leading him to embrace Islam.

Battles of the Cherkutai Alps:

Now Cherkutai Alp, he fought alongside Osman Ghazi, contributing to key victories. Notably, during the Inegul conquest, he risked his life as a spy. In the Marmarajik conquest, he played a pivotal role by opening the gates for Muslim forces, sustaining injuries in the process. Cherkutai Alp continued to support Osman Ghazi in multiple conquests, including Inegul, Marmaragic, Yenisehar, Bilecic, Kita, and Bursa.

Married Life of Cerkutay:

Cherkutai Alp’s first marriage to Aigul Hatun ended tragically during battle. Grieving, he later married an ordinary woman, fathering a child.

Personality Assessment of Cerkutay:

Initially known for his violent nature, Cherkutai Alp transformed after embracing Islam. He became a jovial figure, renowned for his sense of humor. Bamsi Bayrek adopted him as his son, and upon his death, bequeathed two famous tolas to Cherkutai Alp.more

Death and Burial of Cerkutay:

The exact lifespan of Cherkutai Alp remains uncertain, but he lived for many years after Usman Ghazi’s death. Although the location of his burial is unknown, a shrine was erected in Sogu in his honor.

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