Salauddin Eyyubi 12 Review in English

Salauddin Eyyubi 12 Review in English

The episode commences with Salahuddin Ayyubi in the process of recovering from his illness. During his sickness, both the sultan and Amir Nuruddin paid him a visit. Karagetin intervened to protect Salahuddin from an attack, though the Sultan harbored mistrust towards Karategin. Unfortunately, Crusaders attacked Carathagin’s settlement, resulting in the death of his sister and all the settlement’s inhabitants. Upon Karategin’s return, he witnessed the dismal state of the village.

Carathagins sought revenge against the Crusaders, but the Sultan forbade it, instructing them to focus on the resettlement process instead of pursuing the attackers. Sultan Nuruddin was distressed upon finding Ismat Hatun lying on the ground, and Saladin implored him to withdraw the army to prevent further casualties. The Crusaders had already killed Amir Mansoor and captured Surya. Despite these challenges, Sultan Saladin eventually allowed an attack after rescuing Surya, putting Salahuddin in peril during the rescue mission.

Their initial plan failed, and although Surya was eventually saved, a knight shot an arrow, injuring Suraiya. Meanwhile, Sofia, aiding Suraiya, returned to the palace. The commander questioned Sofia about her presence, and she provided a false answer, claiming she was chasing Suraiya while actually assisting in her escape. The cunning Melik Nusruddin found himself ensnared as Sultan Nuruddin exposed Melik Salahuddin’s secret, leading to Nusruddin’s realization that he was no longer safe.

Pahari Effendi’s scheming persisted, with conspiracies unfolding within the palace. Nusruddin, blindfolded, was taken to Pahari Effendi’s hideout. Salahuddin Ayyubi, utilizing intelligence from Ali bin Sufyan, thwarted a rebellion near the border, preventing an attack from that front. The mutiny was suppressed, and when Pahari Effendi was revealed, Nusruddin was shocked to discover he was the Caliph’s envoy, Rashid Uddin Sinan.

Upon realizing his true identity, Melik Salahuddin distanced himself from everyone, causing a storm of pain in his heart. Suraiya was taken to Shefa Khana, where she received swift treatment and recovered. The mountain wolf attempted to poison Sultan Nuruddin’s tent candles to defeat his forces before the battle, allowing Pahari Effendi to continue his plot. MORE

Salauddin Eyyubi 12 Review in English


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